Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Card Ornaments

This year's Christmas Card Ornament is a little balsa-wood tree. The backside is cutout from Danish magazines from the 1950s, and it is packed in a cellophane bag with tiny paper stars. Each tree is uniquely hand made and measures app 7x9cm. The little dangling ornaments are 30 dkr./ 5,5 $/ 4 €  a piece + shipping.
Last year I made these little Angels as Christmas cards, and I got several requests for purchase. So I made a batch again this year. Angel motifs are doodles by me, there are 5 different angels, so there's no way of knowing precisely which one you will receice — just like in real life! ;-) (you can see another photo here). Each is uniquely hand cut. They measure app 10x10 cm, fluffy »cloud« included, and backside of angel + string is pink. Each ornament is packed in an individual cellophane bag. And the price is the same as the Trees; 30 dkr./ 5,5 $/ 4 €  a piece + shipping.

Please send me an email with info of which kind, and how many you wish to buy, your name and address, and I will send you the ornaments by mail. For delivery before xmas, please order before Dec. 18. (Denmark), Dec. 12. (Europe) and Dec. 9. (Rest of the world).

Thank you :-) 


  1. They are really beautiful Christine!!
    Happy december!

  2. Åh ja! Jeg må have mine engle fundet frem igen - de er bare så gode : )