Friday, August 3, 2012

Scraps re-visited

from »Scraps«

(check out her awesome tumblr logo)
is one of my favorite designers. She seems to do everything that she does very much her way, I find this so inspiring.

Her work, her style, her pictures and self-portraits are so original, and she tops it all with such humor!

On Yokoos Tumblr you can find links to all of her places, still, I'd like to make an extra link to this "Etsy Handmade Portrait", which is so sweet.
In the film, at one point Yokoo says: »What happens to good artists is that, when you create art from the need to be loved, you do your best ...«


Have a happy weekend :)

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  1. Woaw hvor er dit grafiske designt smukt!!

    SV: Tak for din hilsen på min blog. Sikken en dejlig kommentar at få!! :-)