Saturday, September 4, 2010

There Are Reasons... Reason #1

There are reasons why Autumn is my favourite season, and today I indulged in one of the big ones: Mushroom Hunting. The sun shone warmly and the forest smelled wonderful as we gathered enough to go around. A glorious day indeed.

There are more pictures and a recipe at Clemmensen&Brok :-) I hope to see you there.

A sweet blog with lots of crocheting: Virkverket
A delicate blog with lots of ceramics: Otchipotchi


  1. mushroom hunting...
    can't say i ever have...
    hunted for them...
    but it does look
    like a wonderful time...
    especially immersed in the smells of the forest!

  2. Did I tell you that I´m a fan of clemmensen & brok? I visit it every day! Not only the recipes are absolutely amazing and yummy, pictures are beautiful! thanks for sharing this!

  3. What a great mushroom!

    The recipe looks delicious :-)

  4. Love your blog - its so inspiring :)

  5. I understand your love for autumn. However, it kills all my summer buzz and it takes me sometime to forgive it :)

  6. Mushroom hunting! Ha! Yes, that is a very good reason to love autumn. A favourite season of mine, especially as winter draws nearer and a cardigan can be worn.

  7. Thanks Eden - it was a wonderful time.

    Rina ·· Thank you so much. Makes me so happy :-)

    MerryDay ·· Yes, isn't it grand. I am fascinated by those big, almost royal mushrooms :)

    Alexandra ·· :-) Det er det bedste!

    Thank you Desiree :)

    Sorry Esti ·· Luckily Summer will be back again. Till then, let's enjoy Autumn together ;o)

    Gracia ·· yeees, the cardigan-season :))) yay.

    Thanks :)

  8. nice pics, I can feel the sun over me between the trees...
    I prefer summer, but autumn is not as bad thinking this way

  9. Hello Christine,
    You have been treasure hunting as well - beautiful photoes - autumn or as they call it overseas The fall ( learned this on tv recently ) is in my opion the best season too !

  10. autumn is such a lovely season! that first pic in this post is beautiful. i have never seen a mushroom that colour underneath!

  11. My goodness, that big mushroom is a beauty!
    Enjoying your blog :)