Saturday, August 7, 2010

new old books

I knew I had some ol' thick papered note books lying around in the attick somewhere, but the place needed clearing out before I could even get an idea of where they were hiding. We cleared it during our holiday, re-boxing, throwing stuff out, gathering stuff to sell at the local flea marked, and sure enough—there they were. Three of them, all noted slightly in the beginning of each. These few pages are now the decor of the garbage bin, and the books are ready to play new games. I wanna ink, play, make journal pages, glue, paint. Get my hands dirty and the pages curly.

(first ink)

I know myself well enough not to set up any rules; (one a day, stuff like that), life is unpredictable, and the various projects of my days likewise. And I wanna have fun. Not feel like I haven't done my homework half the time.

I love the design on these poetry hardbacks. I bought three of them—for the cover art, I admit, and for expanding my litterary horizon a little bit too. Here's another link.

I also bought two beautiful design books yesterday. I will share of those tomorrow.
I hope your weekend is lovely :-)

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  1. I like the idea that you won't set rules for when you will work in these "new" books. These will be fun to pick up when you are "in the mood" and just want to play.