Monday, August 9, 2010

New new books (and a love story)

I bought 2 new books for inspiration; »Design Col. With Ltd. Colors« and »ImPressIve« on letterpress work. My heart aches for old presses. Not that there has to be an explanation, but I think there is. You see, in The Very Early Years, I worked with dry point and gooey ink that made me dizzy with happiness. I chose the Commercial road in stead of the one of the Artist, but never quite fell out of love with the heavy iron press, the gentle cream-coloured cotton paper, soaked in water and laid in batches of six, and the ink—the tough, black ink, with its smell of pure love ...

I still have my suit. My ink stained white Kansas Coverall.
Some day ...

Link. Link. Link. (pls notice the pace in 1st link. I♥it)


  1. Åh ja, att trycka för hand är underbart. För mig blir det mest screentryck numera (pga tidsbirst pga barn...), men jag älskar att jobba med kopparstick ... och att färga in plåten och veva tryckpressen. En dag igen, om nåt år kanske.

  2. Beautiful! I love all those tart colors, a little acidic... Good inspiration!