Sunday, June 6, 2010


I just come out on the other side of a bit of over-working. I crave creativity, space, peace, un-stress. I crave blogging, knitting, sharing. But really, I'm tired!
I hope you are well. I will see you soon :)


  1. You take the most beautiful photos. I especially love the one that looks like a journal page, but the roses are pretty stunning, too.

    I understand recharging. I'm trying to do that this week, too.

  2. Javisst är det en stressig tid. Man vill ju egentligen mest vara ledig nu när det är sommar!!!!
    Hoppas du får vara det snart:)

  3. Dejligt når man bare har tid...Syntes alle dage er for korte...haha...Fine fotos...nice med teksten :)