Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Thank you for views on sibling. Next up. (It's a withered artichoke:).
I have been Knit-blogging last few days, and found equally strong links. Is it the season perhaps? The intensity of earthy autumn is a favourite, and we have had quite the storm today, with rain and tumbled trees. Things we cook -- broths and slowly simmering flavoury stews. In this pot of ever ruling synchronicity, intensity seems to strike the note around these parts.

Completely utterly in love! Must! Knit! This Pucci! (Have nooo idea how!) But oh -- deep sigh!

A piece of ♪, perhaps? why not. Blogger's chocolate. Today, I think Anita O'Day. I love the way she moves, performing Sweet Georgia Brown at Jazz on a Summer's Night in '58.
(if you are anything like me, and one piece isn't enough—here's one more ;-)
Have a savoury Thursday!


  1. "rain and tumbled trees"... i love your poetic choice of words here. i will remember this phrase!

  2. a most striking photo.
    it's dramatic and curious.
    excellent shot.

  3. So much beauty I have to catch up on here. Lucky me.