Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One should defintately make more charts!

Wouldn't that be cool. "Mood-chart of the day". "Efficiency-chart of monthly dairy intake". Ok. Maybe not.
Did you ever play The Sims? The characters' "plumbob" turn green when he or she is happy (and red when they're upset). I sometimes think "if I was a Sim—my plumbob'd be completely green right now" :-D . Not a bad idea, though—could be helpful in numerous situations. (why did-I...? Oh yeah -- mood charts).

So. Ok. Charts. And doodles.
Please meet Fiona (trust the chart—not the photo).

Fell in love with enchanting ceramist le petit atelier de paris. She also has a blog. (via dear oly). ummnm. so beautiful. Have a great day :)


  1. hello! Nice work you're doing. Thanks for "le petit atelier de Paris", very sweet things there.

  2. Hvor er det en fin måde at gøre det på :-)

  3. Have you been knitting? OHHH this looks gorgeous!!

  4. hello to you!

    ah i am lovin that delicate workmanship there! envious.

    i turned red yesterday morning, no doubt; hope i am green for the rest of my hours... it felt horrible! :)

    it would be different if i had turned into a red jellybean, that would be sweet. :)

    hope you're well... peace to you across time and space.

  5. Vad fint du stickar:) Och vilka fräscha grejer hon i Paris gör, tack för tipset!

  6. oh yes i love that shop. so so delicate.
    loving your chart love!