Thursday, April 23, 2009


I saw a child, holding his Grandmother's hand this morning, on their way into the park. A woman was squatting by a giant flowerbed of daffodils, taking their picture. The sun was warm. And we needed milk.
This is life, isn't it? In a glimpse and a glimpse and a glimpse. No need, really, to judge "good" or "bad", "important" "not important". I'm happy, I was paying attention today.

Do you remember this?
Thank you for the music recommandations—I will listen into it:-)
Kindra is here (so playful and great).


  1. the sun was warm and we needed milk. that is so beautiful. so true.

    thanks for all your kindnesses,

  2. hi christine, thanks for contacting me. i got your order and sent you an email this morning, maybe it didn't get through. i am posting your notebook today. thanks so much for your order and enjoy the weekend!

  3. Yes, I like such observations... little everyday scenes for those to see, if you remember to look.