Sunday, March 15, 2009


Brick by carefully handpicked brick, I am building this new company of mine, and one brick has been making a website portfolio. I didn't know how to build websites, and with reference to the watercolour buttons, it's fair to say I broke several on this one.
I has taken me a while, evenings, weekends and nights, so it wouldn't interfere with my "day-time" job ;-)
Which is also the reason I have been a less active blogger than I like to be. I miss blogging, when I can't. Miss visiting, miss chatting, seeing, experiencing. And that reminds me of how thankful I am, to have all this within my grasp. Thank you.
If you'd like to see the portfolio, please click the image — it should take you straight there :o)


  1. Building web sites is tricky business, isn't it? I learned how to build them for the creation of our site... over the years it has had many a face-lift as I have figured out various new things. If you are stumped over any little code nightmare, please wing me an email and I'll see if I can help.

  2. yes, i agree with Gracia. I am about to learn some of the web authoring software too... it is like walking on a stream of moving water.. but i am glad you are doing your own business, too.

    I send blessings and grace to your gifts, dreams and desires... etc..


  3. beautiful work Christine........
    good luck

  4. I have no idea about web building... It sounds hard and tricky. But Yours is really nice.
    And again... good luck! Buena suerte!