Friday, April 4, 2008

April 4th/ IF: Homage

... to the little things. The cup of coffee that tastes so good, you have to close your eyes. The perfect shape of a raindrop on the window glass. The stranger on the street, who smiles at you ...
Will you tell me your favourite little thing?


  1. such a lovely idea. made me smile. :)

  2. so many favourite little things!
    sleep half an hour more, sitting in the sun, listening to fav music...

  3. I like to look in to your blogg...
    Hej Christine
    ja, faktiskt, jag gillar dina dagboksanteckningar jättemycket! Och så kaffe och kakor och och en renbäddad säng och att bada badkar och...

  4. i love what you write.. .. so many favorite things. Today, its a few raindrops of chocolate, laughter, the smell of cut grass, the birds who sing in the trees to wake me up; getting my feet rubbed at night; thinking about my brother who is very sick, of his eyes, of all the love he has placed inside me. :) thanks.

  5. Solsortens sang...
    Som Marie-Louise...Lufttørret nyt sengetøj, LAGT PÅ og klar til den dybeste søvn...og det sker hver gang...mærkeligt?
    Tegne tegne tegne...altid gir mig ro langt inde...
    Blot et par stykker...:D

  6. I just found your blog, through IF, and I love it. It isn't April anymore, but I'm just looking through everything hehe. My favorite little thing...a foreign stamp on something that isn't for me. (I love to save stamps, but I don't get too much mail hehe.)