Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 23rd/ IF: Primitive

Doodled a little this morning:)
What we call primitive art today, was rather advanced, I think.
Also part of Dear Diary

Beautiful IFs: Temzlandia, My dog ate my sketchbook, Various Doodles (who also does great figure drawings)


  1. very cool, Christine. I agree primitive art was pretty advanced for the kinds of tools they had. thanks for your nice comment on mine.

  2. I love these "doodles" - - really wonderful; thanks for your comment on my blog and I will stay in touch.

  3. Oh, I like so much this deep expressive graphic's line. Wonderful colours choice!
    Many compliments for the whole "Dear Diary" set, I love it! :)
    ...and many thanks for the link to my blog, you are very very kind! :*

  4. ohh lol doodled on a book.. how cool is that?


  5. Amazing Christine! I like how your drawings blend with the background.