Sunday, November 4, 2007

Curled up, fingers red-hot

Not the most computery activity:) I am knitting this (in petroleum blue), it's great fun, and I am on the collar, so I'll be back soon.
Here are a few go-sees. Enjoy --

Liz Ramos, Kelly Medina, Livia Coloji, Re:makeables' hand made books. Very beautiful. Heather Sloane, who also did this little film on how to make a cat hover :-)) Hilarious.


  1. Christine, you mean you are knitting that mini sweater? It's beautiful!! Can't wait to see your version!! :)

    I made a image for you, hopefully it will explain the HTML for the pop-up window better. (Take the text from my recent post for example, go to this link below to see my explaination.)

    Do you get it? Let me know! : )

    I might just merge my two blogs into one from now on. Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

    My email is on my blog... at the right hand site, scroLl down to see the little email guy. :) xo

  2. Kære C
    Hvor ER den bare helt vidunderlig. Vildt imponeret over, hvad du kaster dig ud i. Kh E :-)))