Friday, January 31, 2014

Book covers and a flyer

It's been all work, no play these last couple of weeks, so here are some more work from my hand.
Winter finally came to these parts of the world, I was just about to give up it ;-) with c-degrees above zero weeks into January, but last week the frost sat in; streets are covered in beautiful white snow, making the light seem a little longer in the afternoons.

I do look forward to spring, though :-)
Danish cover Mind Over Medicine, Det Blå Hus (publisher)

Flyer and web banner for Skt Lukas Hospice

Women Who Transformed Denmark, Sohn/Lindhardt & Ringhof (publisher)

Have a delightful weekend :o)


  1. Jeg kunne nu godt undvære sneen i år. Det er smukt, men såååå besværligt for mig.

    1. :-D Ja, transport er ikke det nemmeste i vintervejret. Dejligt at det snart skifter (eller... "snart") ;-)