Sunday, September 9, 2012

Making Lavendar/Rose Body Scrub

This weekend has been all softness and ease. With time to read, cook and ... make body scrub :-)

This salt scrub here is ridiculously easy to make, but oohhh, the luxury it brings about! 
Just mix fine salt (you can also use caster sugar) with your favorite body oil. I use almond- or abricot oil from, and add a few drops of essential oil. Done!
I had some dried rose buds that I crushed and added, only because I though't looked puuurdy, it isn't necessary, and the one I had, had been in the drawer for quite some time, so they didn't add that much scent.

The little glasses make great gifts, perhaps with a small wooden spoon attached :-)

The body scrub works wonders in the shower, but is also soothing for the hands after cooking or doing dishes.
Gently rub it in, and rinse well with warm water.
Be careful in the shower when using it. As with all oils, it makes the floor quite slippery.


The Lucky bags are nearly sold out again. Thank you so much for buying.
I shall hurry up to make more...


  1. Dejlige billeder!
    Og tak fordi du delte 'opskriften'. Det er altid lækkert med en bodyscrub.

    1. Selvfølgelig! Den er for god til ikke at dele :-) Og så ren og simpel

  2. you make this look so easy, and your pictures are GORGEOUS!

    1. Thanks Aimee. It really is as easy as it looks :-)

  3. "This weekend has been all softness and ease. With time to read, cook and ... make body scrub :-)"

    Yes! That does sound very good. Very good indeed.

    And, I like the new look blog layout since last I was here.

    g xo

    1. Thanks :-)
      It was such a soothing weekend. Hoping for a similar experience in a couple of days ;-)

  4. I am so going to try and make this, sounds heavenly!

    1. Please do let me know how it goes:-) And which scents you use. Thanks :-)