Friday, September 9, 2011

There's a new place in town

Torvehallerne, a brand new marked place in the center of Copenhagen, opened last Friday, and today we went to browse and perhaps make taste buds happy :-)
and did we ever ...

dried cape gooseberries, mandarin orange, and mango
fresh honey still on the wax:

It was a feast! Foccacia from Il Fornaio (section C9) Cheese from Ostelageret (section G5) Olives and dolmades from Stig's Oliven, and for the sweet toof; dried cape gooseberries, mandarin orange, and mango from Exotic mix (section A2) and fudge! (There was a whole section of fudge!)

...did you catch the toof-link;-))) If not, here it is. Proper linked: My Milk Toof; playing Monopoly (these guys crack me up every time :-)))


  1. Ooh i am drooling at all this lovely eye food. Olives please. Honey. Just found a handmade chocolate shop here where i am visiting. She puts salt on it. Nice.

    How r you. I hope well. Typing on tiny ipod. Sending blessings and sweet dreams.

  2. Wow, you have no idea how jealous I am!!! This looks like a feast, and I love these kinds of markets.

  3. All looks so very delicious. Drooling, like those who have commented previous.