Saturday, June 25, 2011

A new place

I have moved my work place to a shared office in another part of town. I am closer to the city now, and right next to the canals of Christianshavn, in a really great neighbourhood. It's so nice to have colleages (or sort-of-colleagues—each of us being selfemployed), and they are all so kind and sweet and funny.

This is my corner of the studio, and the view from where I sit

... the yard:

and my right-next-door-neighbour. I love that tower. And here are tourists taking a tour on the canal (wearing matching rain covers :)
I'm thrilled that I'll be seeing water every day.

Can't wait to go to work again :o)

Autocorrects just crack me up! Been reading a lot lately, and laughing so much. Here are a few: adopted, living room color, a LOT of apple sauce


  1. christine, that just cracked me up so much - the apple sauce one had me in stitches! thanks for the giggle.
    that's a lovely part of town you're in, i remember it well. and so good to have nice new colleagues. have fun. x

  2. Gosh, the new space looks amazing!! All light and bright. :)
    I love the part of the world you're living and working in.

  3. looks like a beautiful place to live

    just checking in! enjoy


  4. looks like a lovely space, Christine! Congratulations :D

  5. Årghhh
    Super nice med kollegas, siger jeg der arbejder hjemmefra...Blir lidt for stille - kanalturene, også et hyggeligt...

  6. Tillykke med din nye plads – dejligt at komme hjemmefra og jahh vand er bare godt for sindet :-)))

  7. Christine! I love your studio... wow
    nice place

  8. What a great new space for you to occupy and create from... and the auto correct function makes me smile too, at times. It can throw up the oddest of things. Quite surreal.

  9. What a great palce to work. It makes such a big difference when you like the environment, when you are happy to just go there. Enjoy and congrats!