Monday, December 20, 2010


It's a particular white December this year. Frosted silence of early morning humbles me.
Fruenswerk in another part of town. Love the collage she made

Tracey's gorgeous cloud brooch
and the cloud's sisters and brothers :-)


  1. Fedt billede, som gav mig et stik i hjertet. Jeg var i fast rotation omkring den sø, med min kolikramte førstffødte i barnevognen i månedsvis. Det var lige ovre ved de der huse, min mand ringede og sagde, at han havde forstuvet sin fod. Så havde jeg 2 at passe....

    God mandag aften :O)
    Kh Rikke

  2. it looks like that here too, snowing every day. i like how it changes the light, it makes my house so bright. have a wonderful christmas christine and an exciting and creative new year. x

  3. Oh that collage is wonderful indeed!

    I'm glad to hear you like my little cloudy brooch ... the only trouble is of course that now I want to complete my 'wearable sky'! ;)

  4. how lucky you are to have a white december! we're getting nothing but rain and wind and warm weather here which is totally uncharacteristic for newfoundland this time of year.
    i've still got my fingers crossed for a white christmas!