Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I can't believe I'm going -- but I am. —in a couple of months. Ohhh I feel so lucky, I just can't wait.
Last time I flew 'cross the pond to The Big , was t-w-e-l-v-e years ago!
Ooo -- I loved it so.

Do any of you have any insider tips on what to do, where to eat, fun shops to visit? — anything at all would be amazing. I hope to hear from you.
Thank you :-)

Two gorgeous pieces from Luce Rosa: transformati ... and metamorfosi


  1. oh my!
    NEW YORK!!!
    i love it there. i haven.t been since the twin towers fell to the ground. i am sure so much has changed.
    ENJOY your vacation.

  2. ENJOY! new york is wonderful!

  3. Yippee! Can you believe I have lived in Western NY my whole life, but still have never gotten to New York City??!! My dream!

  4. I love NYC! Unfortunately since my son moved away from there, I really can't afford to go there anymore...MOMA has been remodeled and right now has a special Henri Matisse exhibit. Go to Kate's Paperie and be sure to go to the original one in Soho. It's bigger than the other 2. Don't miss Purl ---lucious yarns and fabrics. It's also in Soho. Have fun!

  5. Is that dragonfly from down below flying you over?!

    This will be so exciting--in a few months it will be cool and autumnish too. I have been in such meditative quiet the idea of NY seems like a whirlwind of splurging.... museums!

  6. inga tips, tyvärr, men låter härligt!

  7. Thanks so much
    – and Carolyne ·· thanks for great tips.