Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Flipping through my latest book buy Envelopes, reminded me of the scrapped envelopes we did for Scraps. This is one of them. 'Think perhaps I should open the drawer to the rubber stamps again soon ...


  1. I can see from the pictures at Amazon, this must be a fantastic reference book. The images I saw all had me smiling. I can also see why you like it, since envelopes played such a great part in Scraps.

  2. i've never seen it before - thanks for the recommendation! i am crazy about envelopes! yes, pull out your stamps again; there can never be enough beautifully decorated envelopes in the world.

  3. oh yes, please do take out your stamps again...i so love this piece its just lovely and sweet and really quite beautiful. i have missed checking in on you...life does have a way of carrying you away...so happy you are here and doing well. blessings Eden