Friday, June 11, 2010

Old Stuff

Man! it's been good to take it slow. (Thanks, Cecilia - I did just that).
So, between takin' it easy, and work, I thought I'd share some old stuff.

I used to watercolour a lot, and my favourite way was to paint directly – not sketching the image and proportions first. I don't know if I'd go about it this way today.

Plus an ol' ass that snug in ... ;-)

I'll be face-painting a bunch of little people this weekend. (Hey! That's watercolouring too!) I hope it goes well :·)
Please have a sweet weekend.

Silly link, but so adorable
Claudia Pearson's summery tea towel


  1. I will have a sweet weekend for sure, after seeing your sweet drawings!

  2. söt åsna!

    jag skissar heller aldrig innan jag målar. Bilderna blir med direkta så ... friare, tycker jag. Din kanadagås ser så där direkt ut.

  3. fint. jag gillar tillbakablickar. du har sannerligen akvarell talang:)