Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Ink Doodle, and some shoppin'

Hi :-)
Thank you for poll'in with me in the "do-you-finish-or-not-before ..." :-) I enjoy seeing your votes so much – right now we have an overweight of "Rarely, but it happens", with 60 % :-)))

Thanks also for the great many sweet comments and sharings :-) I love hearing from you guys! Love the communicating. Don't you?

So! Ok. Weekend up ahead. Hmm, mostly work for my part. Which is good. I'm fortunate I have work. Gotta when it's there, no? The Way of the Freelancer.

As a little treat, though, I bought'sm stuff (Yeah — all right — it's out--I shop to be happy!! ) :-D No-no (okay a little), ANYway, I ordered one of Cecilias gorgeous cutting boards. And it arrived yesterday! Thanks, Cecilia. I love it - it's beautiful! And thank you for the note and the little extras inside the package :-))

I also puchased books. Elsewhere. With pictures in'em! Ouuhh -- can't wait. (Thanks, Rina, for the great tip! ;-)

What shall you do with your weekend?
Have a good one
btw — have you even the tiniest knitty fiber in you — please check out The Shetland Trader. Yummy!


  1. Waaaauw hvor er den smuk !!
    Knus fra mig

  2. Doodle? This looks like a work of art to me!

  3. I want to play with ink. Seeing this makes me want to draw. Anything. Everything.

  4. I like it!

    (I'm also on a buying streak this week :)

  5. don't you love that cutting board? i love mine! and i love this ink drawing - so mysterious!

  6. I`m so happy u like it:)
    that doodlework is art my friend. it´s great!

  7. javisst är Cecilias skärbrädor underbara! (har en)

    jag är nyfiken på böckerna du köpte...

  8. ... och jag gillar hur tuschen flyter här!