Saturday, January 2, 2010


Bought groceries. Rubbed sleep out of my eyes. In a day and 1/3 Everyday will call my attention. I'll probably answer! Will have to clean desk, gather piles of last year before I begin.
2010. Only a few hours of experience, but with the persistence of a universe.
I think I'm ready ...

On request, I made a site for my Coffee Owls with colours and prices. If you like, you can order by sending me an email.

Happy Musical Surprise # 1

Happy Musical Surprise # 2


  1. ja, vad kommer 2010 att visa sig att vara när det vecklar ut sig?

    Jag hade velat skjuta på det nya året lite. Jag behöver mer ledigt...

    Gott Nytt 2010, Christine. Jag önskar dig ett år fyllt med inspiration och glada överaskningar, soliga och underbara regniga dagar, små glädjestunder varje dag - och tid att bara vara ibland.

  2. Happy New Year!
    I just got your sweet comment, locked in my blog folder. I so love the white flower, i have been sleeping next to white Hyacinths for two weeks... and a white of fog for New Years day, very clean slate-ish.

    I wish you great blessings and joy, and fun at work, creative one!


  3. Vilken fin bild - fräsch och ren och Ny.
    Ledigheten går fort, ja så är det:)
    God fortsättning på det nya året!

  4. "the persistence of a universe" - oh, i love how you write! happy new year christine!

  5. This is just scrumptious! :-)

  6. Your thoughts, your art, your photography, are always a delight when I come to your blog. As usual, you don't disappoint!! I hope your new year was enjoyable and restful.

    I feature your blog today (Jan 4) as my blog of the day, something I started on the first.

  7. Oh, Christine, I found you today too, and I'm so happy that I did. Your blog is amazing. This is the first of many visits! Hugs, Terri

  8. beautiful photo...
    and the coffee owls are just delightful!!!