Saturday, November 21, 2009

Last of the Three Siblings

No more gloomy photos for now :)
... ♫ I hear listening to Wagner is difficult for the untrained opera ear (do you have any views on this? do you have opera ears?). I have only made it to Lohengrin Vorspiel. It's beautiful and quiet and always make me stop what I'm doing. (Good thing I'm selfemployed — no boss to go: »cut that darn musiccrap off'n get to work«. Nope! Boss-lady lets me listen.
My dear friend at Berivippen has posted awesome book altering projects.

I hope your Sunday will be peaceful. A year ago I helped a dear friend bring a wonderful little person into the world, tomorrow I will go celebrate ♥ her


  1. ...happy birthday wonderful little person...xoxo

  2. i'm glad that boss-lady lets you listen. she must be a very good one :)

  3. p.s. finally saw your book at B&N yesterday! it's excellent!

  4. This picture is very intriguing and the textures are so amazing! I like it.
    ...and Have a the sweetest celebration day with your little girl.

  5. great image ... chilly.
    a birtday blessing ... is it your business?

    yesterday was a special birthday day for someone ...

  6. men jag gillar de här bilderna. Känns inte ledsamma för mig.Känns verkliga

  7. The pictures of these last few posts are breathtaking. Please, more of this. It's so good for my soul...

  8. Oh wow, what are these three stunning photos!

  9. Thank you for sweet comments.

    Lilie-Melo·· Thank you:)

    M·· no :-) not until January. My friend's daughter:)

    Alexandra·· mit engelsk slår ikke til, er jeg bange for. Jeg synes dysterhed og melankoli er meget smukt, slet ikke sørgeligt. Jeg er glad for du kan lide dem :-)

    愉悅·· sorry - I don't understand

    Esti·· Thanks. I have loads. These were the best of the lot :)

    Karin·· 1st one was a leaf of cabbage nesting a bit of rain, other two are withered artichokes :)