Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finished Hemlock

The Hemlock Ring Blanket
Most relaxing, curling up in the corner of the sofa with needles and yarn. Or knitting in the car on long drives. I always have several projects knitting — some are good for watching movies I have seen before, but want to see again. Some are good for knitty company, and some are good for absolute mind-relaxation. Like Hemlock here. Difficultlevel high enough to engage all of my concentration, leaving no room for stress, speculation or planning ahead. Just me and the wool and the chart I work by. I have no idea what to do with the blanket. It's really too small to be a blanket, too big to be a pillow, and more about process than product.

The originator of this pattern is one of the most inspiring Knit-bloggers I know of; Brooklyntweed. Amazingly talented, inspiring and sharing! You can find many beauutiful, free patterns there.
Have a grand Tuesday :-)


  1. it is beautiful with its brave colours!

  2. It may not be very useful - but it's certainly impressive handiwork and very beautiful too.

  3. oh beautiful! perfect colours together. looks so soft too.

  4. very nice!! seeing this wonder, i now wish i could knit :)

  5. it's gorgeous! my knitting skills are caught in the scarf/ hat level, but this is super inspiring. and the colors too...