Saturday, January 31, 2009

Of Music and Colour

I bought music today. An oldie I have been meaning to buy for ages, and an album I look so much forward to get to know properly. I linked to a crazy, amazing video with her (and "Buttons") about a year ago (I think by reference of Mansuetude, actually) and now she has an album out. What an album. (What a lady.) I love the album already—and we only just met. The video, unfortunately, is not availible on YouTube anymore (It was the one with the rubberband, the plastic, the clothes-pegs). I hope you came across it. Anyhoo; Sia. And her website. And a festival interview. (A while after posting, I found the video here :-) Yay)
3. L'homme est un île
4. Abyss


  1. Jag tittar in här så ofta jag kan och blir lika glad varje gång du har postat något nytt:)
    Ha en bra vecka!

  2. ahh, Sia... I got that from Radiacios, he is full of cool stuff.

    I am going to go listen to her...
    Hope you're getting some light and some spring feelings rising up through your toes into your smile.



    more above, at last fm

  4. Hej
    Håller just på att läsa din/er bok angående Scraps en kursus i små mirakel och jag är överförtjust i boken.

  5. I tagged you girl :)))) Play along...

  6. I love clusters of coloured pencils. They are always so tempting.