Sunday, June 8, 2008

Catch'n up

The weather is so nice here. Sitting by the computer in afternoons and weekends, is the last thing on my mind, instead I'm breeeeaaathing in sun, air and late-nights on my balcony.
A little forgotten phototechnique in a Dear Diary-page made a week ago.
I can't say I'm longing for rain, but I do look forward to being a little more active blogwise. In danish, there is a saying; hver ting til sin tid - which best translates, I think; all in good time.


  1. Allt har sin tid...
    Men du vet det är kul för oss andra när du sänder en liten hälsning här!
    Endera dan regnar det igen!

  2. Enjoy while you can!! The sun only peeks in momentarily here and then it stars raining again... I'm longing to breath some summer air!

    I like that page of your diary, and I'm curious about the technique :)

  3. am feeling the same: all in good time.

    your images are always interesting; love the one on the right alot.