Friday, January 18, 2008

January 17th

At a friends' house, trying her mandala-doodlemaker. Thing. (Can anyone tell me what this tool is called??)


  1. well, forevermore now
    it is called a mandala doodlemaker thing!!

    i love that name.

    Nice patterns, buy you make better mandalas in your work regularly without a tool...

  2. Hej Christine
    It is called a "Spirograph" / Spirograf. And if you are lucky someone still has it in a box in the attic - and will give it to you - or trade it?
    Meanwhile these links may be interesting:





  4. JA... spirografen super ting...Som 12 årig besøgte jeg og min familie min farfar i Canada og jeg fik en Spirograf derovre...fandt den igen, for ikke så længe siden...Skønne muligheder...og dejlige minder
    Må vist lige teste den igen igen :D

  5. Looks like you already have your answer! A vintage one still in the box would be worth holding onto :)
    My husband and I have a private joke about a friend of his. When they were little his friend got a spirograph for Christmas. After opening the gift, he shouted at the top of his lungs..."Dad, is this all you got me????" Forty something years later my husband still teases him.

  6. Is he interested in a swop?? ;-)) It's funny about these things, how they get a revival. In my search for the spirograph, I visited a few toystores here, and they had a somewhat altered version: much bigger, and with battery (Doodle Doug), so you could sit and watch the thing draw for you!!! Come on!
    I thought it was so sad.
    I know you are supposed to colour the patterns then, but still.

    Thanks for your help and sweet comments. It's always appreciated.